21 Going to Uni Gifts They’ll Love

Heading off to university is a big deal for both students and parents. To help send them on their way, many mums and dads like to pick up a gift for their future-graduate. If you’re struggling with ideas, we’re here to help you out - we’ve compiled a list of 21 of the best going to uni gifts we’ve come across.

Polaroid Camera

Your kids are going to leave university with memories galore and, though they may not know it yet, they’ll want to remember these years for the rest of their lives. What better way to do so than with polaroid photos? Not only are they brilliant mementoes that last forever, they’re also a great way to decorate your dorm room and a lot of fun, too!


When they walk into their new room for the first time, it’s probably going to look a little drab and boring. Why not spice it up and give it a personal touch with a famous poster? Whether it’s from their favourite film, band or artist, it’s sure to make them feel more at home.

Cats/Dogs Signs

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For many students, saying goodbye to a faithful feline or canine companion is difficult. Especially if they’re a big pet person.

You can give them a lovely reminder of their favourite furry friend with a classic pet-themed sign to hang on their wall.

Electric Kettle

For the British student, tea is a way of life. And coffee goes a long way to making sure they get up in time for those first-thing seminars, too. To stop them from having to head to the kitchen every time they want a cuppa, why not grab them an electric kettle for their room?

Bike Lock

If your kid’s a cyclist and will likely to ride to campus every day, a decent bike lock is invaluable. At university, money’s short and things go missing easily, so why take the risk?

A Cool and Comfortable Hoodie

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There’s going to be more than a few occasions when your little student wants nothing more than to curl up in a comfy jumper and sleep off the weekend’s excesses.

A classic band hoodie ensures they’re able to do just that.




Noise-cancelling Headphones

Though the university library was meant as a place of silent study, it’s often just as much a social space as it is a quiet learning environment. Ensure their extra-important revision time isn’t interrupted by picking up a pair of noise-cancelling headphones.

Desk Organiser

No one can work with a cluttered desk. On the flip-side, the best form of procrastination is tidying a messy workspace. Make sure neither is a problem by sending them off to uni with a handy desk organiser.

Mug Collection

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Of course, there’s not much point in having a kettle if you don’t have anything to drink from.

While one mug might be sufficient, being able to offer a cup of tea to new friends is the perfect icebreaker. So an extra mug or two certainly wouldn’t go amiss.


Students are not the best time-keepers. And there’s a lot going on during the school year. Lectures, seminars, deadlines, sports, societies… the list is never-ending. Make sure they never forget where they’re supposed to be by giving them a practical planner or diary.

A Meal Out

There will come a moment in the first semester when the campus food gets boring and they've had enough of their friends’ almost-inedible cooking. That’s why a little money or a money-off voucher for a local restaurant is a fantastic option.

Sweary Socks

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It’s a fact of life. You can never have too many socks. But why go for a boring pair of plain feet-warmers?

A laugh-out-loud pair of sweary socks are perfect for students who like something a little more colourful.

Under-bed Storage Solutions

University rooms aren’t known for being the biggest and there’s a good chance that your little one will find it difficult to fit in all the stuff they wanted to bring. Under-bed storage bags are the perfect solution to their storage woes!

Audio Recorder

Taking notes is a part of the university experience. But if your head’s not in that day or your handwriting is a little shaky from one too many the night before, you can easily miss a vital bit of information. A basic audio recorder allows you to capture every moment of class for future reference.

Water Bottle

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It’s a well-known fact that a hydrated student is a more productive student (BBC).

To make sure they get their recommended three litres a day, send them off with a stylish, insulated water bottle and relish the knowledge that you’re at least partly responsible for the 1st class degree they end up with.


Care Package

At some point in their first year, there’s going to be a moment when your kid realises that they’re missing their favourite posh crisps or that fancy chocolate the whole family enjoyed. The solution? A tailor-made care package featuring all their favourite goodies!

Cook Book

You’ve cooked for them for the best part of two decades. Now they’re on their own. To save them from food poisoning and ensure they’re eating well, a quick and easy cookbook makes for a great gift.

Alarm Clock

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Ensure your fresh-faced university student makes it to their first lecture on time by gifting them a bedside alarm clock.

Better than relying on a mobile phone (there’s always the excuse that it ran out of battery!), a plug-in alarm clock never fails.



Party Games

For many people, university is the most social environment they’ll ever experience. Give them a game to play with their friends and you’ll help them pass the long hours between lectures in the best way possible.

Framed Family Photo

Finally, it may be a little sentimental but they are going to miss you. Give them something to keep close and reassure them in times of need by slipping a framed family photo into their bag. 

So, what do you make of our gifts? Do you have any great ideas to share with us? And, if you’re a student, is there anything we’ve missed that you really couldn’t live without? Drop us a comment below and let us know!

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