About Backstage Originals

We're open again!

After many lonely months, we're so happy to be opening our doors to all you lovely people again. As a special welcome-back gift, we're offering 2 Band T Shirts for £40 (but only for purchases in-store).

We believe everybody needs at least one great Band T Shirt in their life - and we have literally hundreds for you to choose from. Come and see us at 31 Pembridge Road, Notting Hill Gate (click here to find us on Google Maps) 

About Backstage Originals

Music and merchandise, albums and artwork - they go hand in hand.

The Pink Floyd prism, a guitar-smashing Joe Strummer, the Rolling Stones lips. We all want to show the world that we love music – be it AC/DC, the Velvet Underground or Blondie.

Backstage Originals is the place where you can buy tee-shirts, hoodies, and branded wear that are actually authentic, licensed products, and not cheap imitations that shrink in the wash or fall apart after a week. You could look elsewhere online for cheaper products, but our prices reflect the work that goes into creating the iconic imagery, and we are about supporting the industry that we love. We charge a fair price so that everyone is looked after - from our staff right through to the bands themselves.

Roots in bricks and mortar

You may be browsing the online shop right now, but Backstage Originals has its roots in bricks and mortar. We can be found in Notting Hill - the creative hotbed that’s been visited by the likes of Jimi Hendrix, Bob Marley, The Clash, T-Rex, and many others.

We’ve been here for over 20 years and have now spread over three floors to become the tee-shirt and merchandising Mecca for music fans.

We’d love to see you, so if you’re in the neighbourhood, look for the big red-brick building with Backstage Original’s logo emblazoned across it. You could be here for hours chatting to our music-obsessed staff, and you may even bump into a rock star or two.

Our Values

The sheer thrill of a live concert. The memory of a misspent youth. That special gig where you met your forever partner. We understand it all and why mementos of these things are so important, and should be made to last.

You’ll get premium quality tee-shirts that stand up to the rigours of a full-on mosh pit without disintegrating, and hoodies that will look good in any festival field while keeping you warm.

We sell authentic branded apparel that feels soft, stays looking fabulous (no matter how many gigs you go to), and will inevitably turn into your favourite tee-shirt.

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