Amplified Official Band Merchandise

Amplified Apparel – Making some noise since 2004

There’s a simple reason why we stock a huge range of Amplified T-shirts here at  Backstage Originals. One, we don’t think that there are many companies out there who have the same attitude to music merchandising as we do, so it’s nice to be able to work with like-minded people. And two, they produce damn fine T-shirts. 

Amplified started life in London in 2004. Sick and tired of seeing fans get ripped off by shoddy, poor quality band merchandise, they decided to set up a premium brand with T-shirts and merchandise that didn’t look like it had fallen off the back of a lorry, or fell apart after the first wash. 

They also wanted to make sure that the artists received a fair percentage of each item sold. For some bands, it can make the difference between having enough money to get back in a studio to record that tricky third album, or selling the tour bus, hanging up their guitars and calling it a day. 

Even for the biggest bands in the world like the Rolling Stones, merchandising is a huge percentage of their profits. It’s also how they connect with their fans on a very personal and intimate level. After all, the fans are walking around with their logo printed on a piece of clothing. If it’s poor quality, it reflects badly on the band.

So you see, buying a band T-shirt isn’t just a fashion statement or an announcement of your devotion to a particular artist. It’s a personal connection with that band and everything they represent. 

They also look really, really cool.

The biggest bands on the planet go to Amplified

The team at Amplified have worked hard over the last 16 years to build up a reputation for being honourable, decent, and honest people to do business with. That approach has paid off, and they now hold the rights to produce merchandise and apparel for some of the biggest names in music, from heavyweight classics like Metallica, Queen, Foo Fighters, and Guns n Roses, through to ultra-cool modern artists such as The 1975, Lewis Capaldi, Billie Eilish, and BMTH. 

Amplified T-Shirts are always adding new designs to their range, but you can be 100% sure that it’s done with the full backing of the bands themselves. You’ll never see an unlicensed design on an Amplified T-Shirt.

Quality shouldn’t cost the earth

There is nothing worse than buying a T-shirt with a design that you absolutely adore only to find that it shrinks in the wash and ends up just about fitting your teddy bear. Or it fades to nothing after a couple of goes in the washing machine. Poor quality merchandise is the bane of the music industry. So Amplified has made a point of using the best quality T-shirts that are ethically sourced (no dealing with slave labour factories here, thanks!), and guaranteed to last. 

The material is super-soft, with a velvety texture that our customers always comment on every time they come into the shop. In fact, the material is so soft, it’s good enough for making babygrows. And yes, your tot can be resplendent in a Ramones or Rolling Stones babygrow the next time you take them round to see nana and granddad. Seeing as your parents probably saw the Ramones or the Stones live when they were young, they’ll probably think it’s absolutely adorable!

Buy Amplified T-shirts from Backstage Originals

At Backstage Originals, we want your customer experience to be so good that you keep on coming back again and again. We want you to be so happy with your purchase that you buy another one. And another. So we stock Amplified T-shirts because, frankly, they practically sell themselves, they’re so good. 

Walk into our shop in Notting Hill and you’ll see us all wearing Amplified T-Shirts. Not only are they the best quality official band merchandise on the market, but they’re great value too. No excessive price tags, just simple, honest merchandising that puts the emphasis on quality and affordability. They last for years, they age beautifully, and we can guarantee once you’ve bought Amplified, you won’t want to buy anything else.

Have a browse of our huge choice of Amplified T-shirts online, or drop into the shop and see what’s on offer. Then put it on, team it up with your favourite jeans, turn up the stereo and as Amplified say, make some noise!